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Weiss Schwarz TCG Disney 100 Years of Wonder Booster Box $169.94 $179.99
🔥 HOT PRODUCT 🔥 Get ready to embark on a magical journey as Disney’s 100th anniversary comes alive in our exclusive Weiss Schwarz booster packs! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars come together for a star-studded, epic showdown. But that's not all! Brace yourself for the chance of a lifetime, a golden ticket that could make your dreams come true. The Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Card, a captivating treasure of this collection, has been known to fetch over $10,000 in the market! Yes, you heard it right! This stunning gem could be tucked away inside your pack, waiting for you to discover it! 🐭🚢💰 The excitement doesn't stop there! Prepare to uncover Parallel Cards hidden within, and if the stars align, you might just find the extremely coveted Origin Rare Mickey Mouse Card! 🐭✨ Take a peek at the stunning range of rarities included in this collection: 🌟 OR (Origin Rare): A rarity so unique, there's only ONE type! 🌟 SSP (Super Special): Glittering with 10 different types. 🌟 SP (Special): 23 mesmerizing types to discover. 🌟 HND (One Hundred Rare): Celebrating the 100th anniversary with 12 unique types. 🌟 SR (Super Rare): Uncover one of 54 different types. 🌟 RR (double rare): 10 types of these treasures are hidden inside. 🌟 R (rare): Find 24 types of these sought-after cards. 🌟 U (uncommon): 26 types that are anything but common. 🌟 C (common): These might be common, with 28 types, but they're full of charm! 🌟 CR (climax rare): 5 types of these gems to bring the drama! 🌟 CC (Climax Common): Rounding out the collection with 7 fabulous types. Each box is loaded with 16 thrilling packs, and 9 cards per pack - a treasure trove of Disney delight at your fingertips! This is not just a purchase, it's an investment in nostalgia, joy, and some serious collector bragging rights. Don't miss out on this magical adventure! Stocks are limited and demand is high - Secure your place in the Disney story today! 🎇🏰🚀

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