-7% sale
One Piece TCG: Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Box [OP-04] (Presale) $139.94 $149.99
 Estimated Release & Ship Date: 09/22/2023 The fierce battles of Alabasta and Dressrosa come to life!Showcases the Beloved Alabasta and Dressrosa Arcs!This pack centers on the Alabasta and Dressrosa Arcs, long considered by fans to be thematically connected. Both arcs are extremely popular, making this pack attractive to fans of the series who are yet to purchase card products.Enhancements for 2 August Decks and New Characters!Many popular characters from the Alabasta and Dressrosa Arcs appear for the first time in this pack!Enhancement cards for 2 decks releasing in August are also included as an incentive to purchase.Includes Regular Alt-Art Cards and Themed Alt-Art Cards!In addition to the Alt-Art cards that have proved popular in past packs, this pack features the new themed Alt-Art cards introduced in the previous product release.Their designs are unified under a single theme, enhancing the desirability of this product for collectors.Total : 124+1 card types Rarity:• Special Card: x5• Leader: x6• Common: x45• Uncommon: x30• Rare: x26• Super Rare: x10• Secret Rare: x2*This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types.
-18% sale
One Piece TCG: Gift Box 2023 [GB-01] (Presale) $36.94 $44.99
Estimated Release & Ship Date:    10/27/2023 The fierce battles of Alabasta and Dressrosa come to life! A Gift Product for the Holiday Season from Late NovemberAn affordable gift with a price point set at around $30.Although Boosters and general cards make up the bulk of this product, it also features a promo pack with new illustrations.This is a great set for both new and experienced players!4 Special Art Promo Cards Encourage Multiple Purchases!Featuring high-demand cards with brand new designs!These cards are a careful selection of popular characters and those used frequently in tournaments.One random card out of the four cards is included to encourage multiple purchases!Contents• Booster Pack [OP-04] x 5• Card Case x 1• Promo Card x 1 (4 types)
-16% sale
Clutch Cards
One Piece TCG: Double Pack Set Volume 1 [DP-01] (Presale) $16.94 $19.99
Estimated Release & Ship Date: 09/22/2023Description Includes 2 Randomly Selected DON!! Cards with New Designs! Contents• Booster Pack [OP-04] x 2• DON!! Card x 1Configuration♦ 8 Sets per Display♦ 6 Displays per Case
Sold out -14% sale
Upper Deck
2023 UD Marvel Allegiance Avengers Vs X-Men Hobby (Presale) $129.94 $149.95
Expected Ship & Release Date: 4/30/23 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance Avengers vs X-Men Trading Cards delivers (1) Base Set: Red, Green & Purple Parallel or Chapters Set Rainbow Card (1) #'d Parallel, and (6) Ratio'd Insert Cards in Every Box! Introducing a NEW Upper Deck brand focusing on story arcs from the Marvel comics, featuring Turning Point holograms, Chapters sets, and thematic inserts! This set encompasses the (12) issues narrating the crossover story of Avengers VS. X-Men in the Marvel Publishing Universe! Configuration: 12 boxes/16 packs/6 cards 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance Avengers vs X-Men Trading Cards Box: Base Set: Red, Green & Purple Parallel or Chapters Set Rainbow Card (1) #'d Parallel (6) Ratio'd Insert Cards 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance Avengers vs X-Men Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (90) Card Chapters Set and (90) Card Base Set Collect Colorful Base Set Parallels! Rainbow, Red Rainbow & Blue Rainbow Numbered Base Set Parallels include: Green Reality Orange Power Purple Cosmic X-Men Avengers Cosmic - #’d 1-of-1! Search for Chapters Set Autographs and Printing Plates! NEW! Lenticular Inserts & Foiled Cards!! Find Collision Events lenticular inserts – including short prints of the X-Babies and A-Babies Gather Protectors of Utopia and To Save the Earth deco foil cards! Look for classic Spectromatic History triangular pattern rainbow foil board cards in the following colors: Red Blue Green Orange Purple Grab retro style Turning Point Hologram cards! Thematic Inserts Cosmic Covers A Cosmic Journey Story of Hope Summers 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!! Look for Sketch Cards hand-drawn by talented artists! BIG CHASE HITS! Original Art Sketch cards 1-of-1 Base Set Cosmic Parallel Comic Cuts Comic Cut Booklets Clipping Autograph Booklets Printing Plates
Sold out -7% sale
Clutch Cards
2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios Loki Season One Hobby (Presale) $139.94 $149.95
Estimated Release & Ship Date: May 31st, 2023   2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios Loki Season One Trading Cards delivers (2) Hits (Film Cels, Metal Cards, Printing Plates, Holograms or Autographs), (1) #'d Base Set Parallel and (30) Insert/Chase Cards in Every Box! What awaits beyond the Sacred Time Line? Upper Deck is introducing Marvel Studios Loki trading cards to collectors and fans of the Disney+ show. This set captures Season 1 of Loki as we discover what makes a Loki, a Loki. Uncover a variety of talent autographed cards, low #’d parallel cards and Alligator Loki cards. Configuration: 12 boxes/15 packs/6 cards 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios Loki Season One Trading Cards Box: (2) Hits (Film Cels, Metal Cards, Printing Plates, Holograms or Autographs) (1) #'d Base Set Parallel (30) Insert/Chase Cards 2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios Loki Season One Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Collect various Base Set Parallels including the #'d Alligator Loki Parallel! Find several Timeless Inserts including: For All Time. Always TVA Profiles TVA’s Mission Alternate Time Branch Chase a wealth of Talent Autographed Cards! Glorious Purpose Signatures #’d TVA Variant Dual Signatures – Tier 1 & 2 An Upper Deck Marvel Studios staple, find an array of Manufactured Film Cel Cards! Collect Time Theater Film Cels of Each Season 1 Episode #’d Time Theater Film Cels Dual Autos Hunt for BIG HITS including: Tempad Metal Cards Loki & TVA Hologram Cards Base Set and Inserts Printing Plates Cases deliver, on average, the following: (4) Tempad Metal Cards (2-3) Loki or TVA Holograms (3) RARE Film Cels (2) Autographs

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