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Panini 2022 Panini Revolution WWE Hobby (Pre-Sale) $229.00 $299.00
Release Date:  05/18/2022 2022 Panini Revolution WWE Trading Cards Box Hits: (4) Inserts (8) Parallels 2022 Panini Revolution WWE Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Chase after randomly inserted autographs from the top Superstars and Legends across all brands! Chase after some of the top superstars and legends in a variety of parallels. Look for Legends and Tag Team subsets! Find unique insert sets including Vortex, Supernova and Liftoff! Chase after randomly inserted autographs with parallels including Sunburst (#’d/99), Lava (#’d/10) and Kaleido (One-of-One)! Chase the ULTRA-RARE Galactic parallels!
Sold out -27% sale
topps 2022 Topps Gold Label Baseball Hobby (Pre-Sale) $109.00 $149.00
Release Date:  09/07/2022 2022 Topps Gold label Baseball Cards Box Hits: (1) Framed ON-CARD Autograph Multiple limited base card parallels 2022 Topps gold label Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (1) Framed ON-CARD Autograph in Every Box! Gold Label Autographs - MLB stars sign directly on cards in gold colored frames. Parallels: Black #'d to 75, Blue #'d to 50, Red #'d to 25, Gold #'d 1-of-1 Dual Gold Label Autographs - #'d to 10 Parallels: Black #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1 Auric Framed Autographs - For those who love gold. Printed on gold foilboard, with gold frames and gold ink ON-CARD autographs. Limited to 25 or less. Golden Greats Framed Autograph JUMBO Relics - ON-CARD autographs paired with a JUMBO-sized, game-used relic pieces on a framed card, #'d to 50 or less. Parallels: Black #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1 NEW! Framed Gold Prospect Autograph Relics Featuring the freshest young talent in MLB on framed cards with ON-CARD autographs and genuine gold nuggets. Numbered to 10 or less. Gold Label Relic Cards! MLB Legends Relic Cards - Greats of the game paired with game used uniforms or bats, #'d to 50 or less. Parallels: Black #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1 Gold Prospect Relic Cards - Real gold nuggets are linked with the most collectible MLB rookies and young stars. Base version limited to 25 or less! Parallels: Black #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1 Gold Label Base Set(s) & Parallels - Each card in this 100-card base set gets 3 different versions to collect, with each version receiving 5 different parallels. The base set is comprised of retired greats, sought after rookies and current MLB stars. BASE VERSION Class 1 Class 2 (1:Packs) Class 3 (1:2 Packs) BLACK PARALLEL Class 1 (1:2 Packs) Class 2 (1:6 Packs) Class 3 (1:20 Packs) BLUE PARALLEL Class 1 ––#’d to 150 Class 2 ––#’d to 99 Class 3 ––#’d to 50 PURPLE PARALLEL Class 1 ––#’d to 99 Class 2 ––#’d to 75 Class 3 ––#’d to 35 RED PARALLEL Class 1 ––#’d to 75 Class 2 ––#’d to 50 Class 3 ––#’d to 25 GOLD PARALLEL Class 1 ––#’d 1-of-1 Class 2 ––#’d 1-of-1 Class 3 ––#’d 1-of-1
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Topps 2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby (Pre-Sale) $109.00 $129.00
Release Date:  09/09/2022 Now in its 16th year, Topps Allen & Ginter returns with notable stars from MLB, sharing the stage with greats from outside the Baseball diamond. Base cards, special inserts, relics, and autograph cards celebrate some of the world’s most interesting subjects. EACH HOBBY BOX OF 2022 TOPPS ALLEN & GINTER DELIVERS 3 HITS, INCLUDING ON-CARD AUTOGRAPHS, RELICS, ORIGINAL A&G BUYBACKS, BOOK CARDS, CUT SIGNATURES, AND RIP CARDS!
Sold out -16% sale
Clutch Cards 2021 Donruss Optic Football (PRE-SALE) $849.00 $999.00
Release Date:  06/03/2022 2021 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards Box Hits: (1) Autographed Card (20) Rated Rookies (10) Parallels, (8) of them are numbered (4) Inserts 2021 Donruss Optic NFL Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (1) Autographed Card in Every Box! Rated Rookie Autographs - Find one of the most sought after autographs of the year. Look for bold ON-CARD autographs on this iconic Rated Rookie design! Look for ON-CARD Rated Rookie autographs of Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Najee Harris and all the other top RPS Rookies from the 2021 Class. Rated Rookie Patch Autographs - Look for all the top rookie talent in this Rookie Patch Autograph, #’d/25! Legendary Patch Autographs - Look for some of the most unforgettable names and talents the NFL has ever seen in Legendary Patch Autographs! Look for 1-of-1 Gold Vinyl parallels! (20) Rated Rookies in Every Box! Find 100 of the top rookies in Rated Rookies. (10) Parallels, (8) of them are numbered, in Every Box! NEW! Look for Base Ice #’d/15 and Rated Rookies Ice #’d/15. (4) Insert Cards in Every Box! Find NEW inserts in 2021 Donruss Optic: Gifted Rookies, Rising Sons, Globall and Legendary Logos! Mythical - Look for this exciting SP insert! Find (25) of the league’s most exciting players. Downtown - Back for more and delivering one of the year’s funnest designs! Look for Veterans, Rookies and Super Bowl Champions! (1) in Every Case! (on average) NEW! Gifted Rookies - Look for this BRAND NEW insert in Donruss Optic, featuring the best rookies of the 2021 class, this insert will have collectors thinking Christmas came early. Base Set - Look for a 200-card base set, which features all the biggest names in the NFL.
Sold out -19% sale
Clutch Cards 2022 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Hobby (PRE-SALE) $89.00 $109.00
RELEASE DATE: 7/20/22 2022 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Cards Box Hits: (1) Encased Autograph Signed ON-CARD 2022 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (1) Encased Autograph Signed ON-CARD in Every Box! Clearly Authentic Autographs - Featuring rookies on the 2022 Topps Baseball base card design on acetate technology. NEW! Generations Now Autographs - The youth movement is shining bright for these young stars of the game. NEW! Clearly Authentic 1987 Topps Baseball Autographs - Current stars and retired greats of the game are shown on the classic 1987 Topps design. Parallels (for previous three): Green #'d to 99, Black #'d to 75, Red #'d to 50, Blue #'d to 25, Purple #'d to 10, Orange #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1 NEW! Clearly Authentic 1955 Reimagining Autographs - Showcasing retired legends and greats in the iconic 1955 Topps Baseball design, #'d to 199 or less with Sepia Parallel #'d 1-of-1 NEW! Clearly Authentic Topps Tek Autographs - Today’s stars featured on designs inspired by the Topps Tek brand!, #'d to 199 or less. Parallels: Blue #'d to 25, Purple #'d to 10, Orange #'d to 5, Gold #'d 1-of-1
-21% sale
Panini 2022 Panini Absolute Baseball Hobby (PRE-SALE) $159.00 $199.00
RELEASE DATE: 06/03/2022 2022 Panini Absolute Baseball Cards Box Hits: (2) Autographed Cards (2) Memorabilia Cards (1) #'d Insert 2022 Panini Absolute Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (2) Autographed and (2) Memorabilia Cards in Every Box! Rookie Baseball Material Booklet Signatures - NEW this year are Rookie Baseball Material Booklet Signatures, which feature an autograph on baseball skins and 2 pieces of memorabilia from the brightest up-and-coming stars! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Parallel: Rookie Wood Signatures - What makes Absolute Baseball a unique program is the use of autographs on unique materials, like here in Rookie Wood Signatures! Tools of the Trade Signatures comes in 2, 3, 4 and Jumbo swatch variations and features memorabilia from past legends and current stars! Established Threads - While rookies may be the hot, new thing, veterans are what make teams tick. Established Threads features 25 players who are some of the best in the game. (1) #'d Insert in Every Box! Extreme Team - There are a select few talents in baseball that standout among the rest, the Extreme Team insert highlights them here. Hall Worthy- The Hall of Fame features the game’s best to ever do it. Hall Worthy showcases 15 of those names that have be bestowed that honor. 2022 Absolute Baseball will contain a 100-card base set, shown across six parallels and printing plates. Look for HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Parallels: Holo Silver (#’d /199), Spectrum Blue (#’d /149), Spectrum Red (#’d /99), Spectrum Purple (#'d /25) Spectrum Gold (#’d/10), Spectrum Black (#’d 1/1) and Printing Plates (all #’d 1/1).
-18% sale
Topps 2022 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby (PRE-SALE) $289.00 $349.00
RELEASE DATE: 06/01/2022 2022 Topps Finest Baseball Cards Box Hits: (2) Chrome Autographed Cards (4) Refractors (5) Inserts 2022 Topps Finest Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (2) Chrome Autographed Cards in Every Box! Finest Autographs (9) Refractor Parallels - #'d 150 to SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 Finest Rookies Design Variation Autographs (9) Refractor Parallels - #'d 150 to SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 Finest Moments Autographs Refractor Parallels: Gold #'d to 50, Orange #'d to 25, Red #'d to 5, SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 NEW! 1994 Topps Finest Cornerstones Autograph Variation - Varied #’ing Refractor Parallels: Orange #'d to 25, Red #'d to 5, SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 NEW! Aura of Excellence Autograph Variation - Varied #’ ing Refractor Parallels: Orange #'d to 25, Red #'d to 5, SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 Finest Careers Die Cut Autograph Variation - #’d to 10 Finest Originals Buyback Autographs - Varied #’ ing Finest Mystery Redemption Card - #’d to 99 SEE ATTACHED SELL SHEET FOR ALL PARALLEL INFORMATION (12) Inserts in Every Box! NEW! 1994 Topps Finest Cornerstones(1:4 Packs) - Back from the classic 1994 Topps Finest set, check out one of our favorite inserts with an ALL NEW checklist of current players. NEW! Aura of Excellence (1:6 Packs) - This insert shines the spotlight on the top stars, rookies, and legends who emanate vibrations of excellence for all to see. NEW! Finest Career Die Cut Career Years (1:48 Packs) - Look back on some players that exemplified greatness, with a year in their career that stood out from all the others. Refractor Parallels (for each of the above): Gold #'d to 50, Red #'d to 5, SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 100-Card Base Set (4) Refractors in Every Box! (17) Refractor Parallels #'d from 300 to SuperFractor 1-of-, including NEW Refractors, Green Lava #'d to 99 and Red/Black Vapor #'d to 10 SEE ATTACHED SELL SHEET FOR ALL PARALLEL INFORMATION 25-Card Extended Base Set Finest Rookies Design Variation (1:24 Packs) - An alternate design take on some of the top base set Rookies, these cards are sharp. Refractor Parallels (for previous two): Gold #'d to 50, Red #'d to 5, SuperFractor #'d 1-of-1 as well as a Regular Refractor Parallel for Rookie Design Variations #'d to 99
-10% sale
Panini 2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate Football Hobby (PRE-SALE) $225.00 $249.00
RELEASE DATE:  5/11/2022 2022 Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate Football Cards Box Hits: (4) Autographed Cards (4) Silver Prizm Parallels (8) Prizm Parallels 2022 Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (4) Autographed Cards in Every Box! Collect the first licensed autographs of the highly sought-after 2022 NFL Draft Class! Chase the SUPER-RARE Colorblast and Stained Glass inserts. Find HOBBY EXCLUSIVE inserts including Prizmatic, Prizm Break, Hype and Brilliance! 2022 Prizm Draft Picks will have a base set that contains 220 of the best former college stars, as well as the first officially licensed cards of the best up-and-coming stars.
-16% sale
Panini 2022 Panini Select Baseball Hobby (PRE-SALE) $169.00 $199.00
RELEASE DATE:  5/18/2022 2022 Panini Select Baseball Cards Box Hits: (2) Autographed Cards (2) Memorabilia Cards (3) #'d Prizm Parallels (5) Inserts 2022 Panini Select Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (2) Autographed Cards in Every Box! Rookie Jersey Autographs - Headlined by baseball’s No. 1 prospect, Rookie Jersey Autographs with be LOADED plenty of autographed memorabilia goodness from future stars like Wander Franco, Jarren Duran, Edward Cabrera and more! Moon Shot Signatures is a 15-player checklist full of guys who are known for their out-of-this-world power! Signature Materials is a 38-card checklist that pairs a swatch of player memorabilia with an autograph from some of the best up-and-coming players in the game! (3) #'d Prizm Parallels in Every Box! The 2021 Select Baseball Base Set is divided into three tiers, all of which vary in rarity. The Base version will be the most common, followed by Premier and then Diamond Level. With 300 players in our overall base set, there will be plenty of options for collectors to chase! (5) Inserts in Every Box! Hunt for ULTRA-RARE inserts like Color Wheel, Rookie Explosion, Lightning Strikes and more! Look for all of today’s stars represented on beautifully designed inserts like En Fuego, Phenomenon, Sparks and more! (2) Memorabilia Cards in Every Box! Look for an OVERSIZED swatch of player memorabilia for star rookies like Oneil Cruz, Josiah Gray, Brandon Marsh and more in Rookie Jumbo Swatch.

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