What is a break?

Breaks - The opening of the boxes or packs online, which the content will be shipped to the buyer or picked up locally in our retail store. There are a few different types of breaks we will talk about.

Personals - The buyer maybe purchase any wax / packs of their choice. All of the cards contained in the wax / packs will be sent to the buyer regardless of the team.

Team Break - Event which customers are randomly assigned a team or teams. The box(we) will then be opened. The players cards from the team that the customer was assigned will be sent to them or available for pickup.

PYT - (Pick Your Team.) Customer purchases their team of choice (prices vary depending on the team's popularity, card values). The boxes will be opened and cards of the player's team will be sent to the customer.

Division Break - Event where the customer is either randomly assigned a division (in a random division break) or the order of the customers is randomized and then the divisions are drafted in order or the list (in a draft your division break) The boxes are then opened and any players card in that division will be sent to the customer. (Predominantly in baseball or football)

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