At Clutch Cards LLC, we are committed to delivering an excellent shopping experience to our customers. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your orders, it is crucial to provide correct shipping address information during the checkout process. This policy outlines our procedures for orders with missing or incorrect address information, along with the associated fees for address correction and reshipment.

1. Missing or Incorrect Address Information:
Customers are responsible for entering accurate and complete shipping address information during the order placement. If an order is processed with missing or incorrect address details, Clutch Cards LLC reserves the right to charge the customer for additional expenses incurred in correcting and reshipping the order.

2. Return of Orders due to Address Issues:
Should an order be returned to Clutch Cards LLC due to an incomplete or incorrect address, the customer will be promptly notified of the issue using the contact information provided during the order placement.

3. Customer Responsibility:
Customers are required to respond promptly to notifications regarding address issues. Failure to respond within a reasonable timeframe may result in the cancellation of the order, and the customer may be subject to the return shipping fee.

4. Return Shipping Fee:
Customers will be responsible for covering the return shipping fee incurred when an order is returned due to address issues. The return shipping fee will be deducted from the original order amount, and any remaining balance will be refunded to the customer.


5. Address Correction Fee:
In addition to the return shipping fee, customers will be required to pay an address correction fee to cover the costs associated with updating and verifying the correct shipping address. This fee will be communicated to the customer before the order is reshipped.

6. Reshipment:
Upon receipt of the return shipping fee and the address correction fee, Clutch Cards LLC will promptly correct the address and reship the order to the updated and verified shipping address provided by the customer.

7. Order Cancellation:
If the customer chooses not to pay the return shipping fee and the address correction fee within a specified timeframe, the order may be canceled, and a refund will be issued for the original purchase amount, minus the return shipping fee.

8. Review and Modification of Policy:
Clutch Cards LLC reserves the right to review and modify this policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated to customers through our website and other appropriate channels.

By placing an order with Clutch Cards LLC, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by this Order Shipping and Address Correction Policy.